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Hi there, I'm Ruth, I lead the product team. We're looking for a product manager to join us! What better way than to show what it's like to work here, then to show you what my week looks like? 


White board Monday! We sit together every Monday around 11am with the entire project management team (five people) and go through the details of every project. Are we on schedule? Big deadlines coming up this week? We use the white board to scribble down everything we come up with to improve how we manage projects. We're often done by around lunch time. 

The last half of the day is all about staying in touch with the rest of team and making sure they have everything they need to keep going.


Ok, this isn't really a 'normal' Tuesday. It's a national holiday so most of us are at home or doing something fun. Don't worry, we're going to the Art museum around the corner of our office and my wife was kind enough to meet me there in two hours. That buys me a some extra time to work on a project that needed some extra attention. So I thought..

My kids showed up earlier than expected. Luckily they can handle themselves, so they've been playing silly online games for a bit while I quickly finished up my work. Off to the art museum!


Good news after a relaxed day off. We've landed an awesome new client! What I really like about working here, is that we start every new project by organising a 30 minutes 'Boost session'. Everyone at the agency, our lunch lady often included, comes up with new ideas after we pitch everyone the challenge given to us by the client..always real fun and with sometimes surprisingly valuable outcomes.


The end of the week is near, which means deadlines, which often means clients calling to check in how everything is going. It's really nice I can get some headspace in one of our 'silent' rooms where I can call with clients. 

A big part of the job is really about checking in with our team if they have what they need to keep going, and making sure the expectations of our clients are in sync with what we promise to deliver. 


Out of Office day. I take the kids to school, go for a long run and have breakfast at my favorite coffee bar right around the corner from where I live. Everyone at the agency is free to work remotely whenever they want, we do have the 1 day rule, which means spending at least one full day a week at the office. 

I've been checking out new software to streamline our project management during the day, Skyped briefly with two colleagues because they needed my input with something and at the end of the day finished up this job post, of course 👏🏻

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