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Our front-end workflow

We use RequireJS and AngularJS for most of our data-driven web-apps. Except taking care of the interface with loads of handy directives, Angular also takes care of routing and language choice. Speaking copy, we separated copy from code, so you'll never be asked to correct a typo. 

<job ng-repeat="j in jobs | filter:{status: 'example'}" info="j"></job>

Our back-end workflow

We communicate from Angular JS with our RESTful API, which is built on Laravel. This PHP framework does a lot of the heavy-lifting so we can focus on the functionalities that matter most. We're knees down deep in commands, use different environments and nifty packages that enable us to integrate with services like Slack and Mandrill. 

Front- and back-end are totally separated by the way, so if you're front-end or back-end only..then you don't have to deal with stuff that isn't your cup of tea.

All of the development is handled with Compass, although we still have to start working with CoffeeScript and HAML. We don't know much about that really, so maybe you can help us learn? We use grunt a lot to compile Sass, let r.js do its job, update copydoc, optimise images, gzip files..just about anything to have everything production-ready.

O yeah, you don't have to be afraid to brake something on the production-environment because you're fooling around with FTP or phpMyAdmin, because that's not how we roll. 

Everything is neatly run by different git branches and the deployments and migrations are fully automated.

What will you be doing?

We've got a list of around 1001 features and fixes that we want to launch the coming months. A connection with Stripe is coming up, also one for Dropbox. There's a standalone project planned dubbed 'Rewards', which will need a whole lot of Node.js and real-time applications. O yeah and we want to expand our Management Console. Did I mention our product page needs an update as well?

And then we have the desire to build an app, set up a notification service and -most important- connect our Hue lights to the 'add credit card' form. So don't worry about being bored any time soon.

I don't know that much about AngularJS, grunt or Laravel, but I do think I'm a pretty decent developer; now what?

Get in touch! In our experience we will have you up to speed in no time, as long as you're open to learning.

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A little something about us

We have a spacious studio in the city centre, where there's plenty of room to get you comfy. Some of our colleagues work remote. Although we do have the '1 day rule', which means everyone is at the office at least one day a weak.

Because we encourage to work wherever you work best, everything is aligned to this philosophy: our Trello account is our product lifeline, we discuss and shares ideas via Slack, have morning standups on Skype and have our files in Dropbox..of course. 

And now you know pretty much everything about us.

Time to get to know you! The application form is a little different than you might expect..we've got some interesting questions and a little assignment, so don't worry about a motivational letter or's just about you, your passions and your work!