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We're hiring an account manager. An interview with Sarah Ragnarson.

We're  looking for an account manager to join our account team. We don't believe in set responsibilities and job descriptions, so the best way to describe this position, is to let our senior account manager Sarah explain it to you. 

Hi Sarah, so what is that you do?

I'm Senior Account Manager here at Agency Y. Basically that means I'm constantly looking for new relationships that I can build with brands, organisations or individuals. Last year for example, we partnered with a nifty app called Syllo that enables our users to connect their content with their social media much easier.

Most of what I do is set up new meetings; try and see if we share philosophies and go from there. I really like that we're guiding our customers from start to finish. It's an awesome feeling when everything works out! Download now.

"An important aspect of working at Agency Y is individual freedom."

— Sarah Ragnarson

What are you looking for in an account manager?

I guess you do have to be quite the talker. Because that's what we do! If you don't like to socialise, then you might be better of somewhere else. If you do like attending conferences, meetups and opening parties..then keep reading ;)
An important aspect of working at Agency Y is individual freedom. That means having to decide for yourself what you want to do. So you'll have to be pro-active. It's up to you if you want to host a meetup or scout for brands we should partner with. If you're up for that..then you'll enjoy this place as much as I do!

O yeah. This is the view from our head office, that's pretty cool right?

Can anyone from anywhere apply?

Yep, we're set up that way. We have a pretty diverse group already, counting about 21 different nationalities right now.  We even have an apartment you can stay at the first few weeks, so you can take your time to find the perfect house. I'll share some mood pics to give you an idea of what that looks like..

What makes Agency Y such a special place you think?

As I mentioned earlier on, we really take pride in the amount of freedom everyone is given. We make up our own jobs. Everyone loves that here.  

And of course a nice bonus is that we serve daily mean breakfasts and lunches. I'm a big fan of our famous blueberry banana coco waffles! And I bet you'll be a fan too, after you chucked one (probably two) away.

Lastly, who do you admire?

Although I'm not a designer, I saw Julie Zhuo (VP of Product Design at Facebook) at this years' The Next Web conference in Amsterdam and was blown away by her sense of curiosity and way of thinking. Her approach is just very fresh. I became an even bigger fan after listening to an Inside Intercom podcast where she chats with (Intercom content marketing manager) Adam Risman about what makes great product design, establishing early design principles, team building, and much more. 

Go ahead and have a listen:

I'll be coaching you throughout your first few months personally and you'll work with three colleagues.

You can still decide for yourself what you'd like to do here. We're not a fan of a resumé, so we lined up a few questions giving you all the freedom to really share what makes you tick!